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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 28, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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even though lisa, like, expressed all her bitchiness, i was ready. yeah. i was a soft, cuddly koala bear. but i had my claws ready to go just in case. but i love gordon. you didn't look like you had any claws. i was ready. up his [bleep], no matter where he went. well, i wanted to hear what he had to say, everything. i loved it. i want him back. where is he? i'm going to go find him. i love him now. yeah. (male narrator) next time on kitchen nightmares, chef ramsay heads to brooklyn. oh, my god. (narrator) and meets owner john... it worked before. why can't it work now? (narrator) who no longer is running his restaurant. and, as a result, the place is a disaster. look at this mess. (narrator) there's an inspection that will have you in shock. froze and moldy. (narrator) conditions are so bad... there's a man vomiting in the toilet now. (narrator) a customer pays the price. call an ambulance. (narrator) that's next time on kitchen nightmares.
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swept out to sea. rescuers race outside the golden gate in the desperate search for a man and a boy. good eving i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm julie haener. it was not the outcome rescuers were hoping for. eric rasmussen is live with the warning for those in the area. >> reporter: that warning is to be very careful in these conditions. the marin county coroner's office is not identifying these
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victims until their families are notified. however in the last few minutes i did speak to southern marin fire. it confirms these men and a boy were standing on some rocks when they were swept away by a wave when they were fishing just beyond the golden gate. chopper2 had our first view of the scene as boats with the coast guard responded to a 911 call of two people swept out to sea. but officials later delivered the news no one wanted to hear. >> rescue recovered two bodies one male adult and one child. those suspects were later pronounced deceased. >> reporter: the waves do go real high.
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>> reporter: rescuers led us down this steep side. >> i don't know if it was the high tide that caused the accident. we're trying to get information out to the public, know your tides, know your limits and go out there with a good plan. >> reporter: investigators say at least one other person was with the victims and was able to get out of the surf and call 911. it's not clear how long they were in the water. around the same time of the emergency we heard from surfers about the surf conditions. >> some people went out there and got some beer in the face but they got out okay. >> reporter: their coast guards made 70 saves rescuing penal -- rescuing people out of the water this year alone. investigators will investigate what happened in this case. we're back on storm watch
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tonight after a dry day yesterday. here's a live lo at the golden gate bridge. you can see the rain has already moved back in leaving rain drops on our camera and dampening the roadway on the golden gate bridge. we want to check in with mark tamayo. rain is spreading out beyond the bay area. >> the storm is approaching, just be extra careful once again the hazardous seas or the high surf advisory now in effect. swells continue to build as we get into saturday. here you can't pick out the coverage. today for most of the day just lots of cloud cover and few light showers but things are already changing out there toward the santa cruz coastline, half-moon bay and reports out of half-moon bay reporting heavier rains with these cells. as we deploy our rainfall estimates, this is all swinging in from the south and the west and continuing with this trend
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moving in this direction over the next few minutes. or the next few hours i should say. here's a closer inspection of south moon bay. generating heavy to moderate rain. we'll continue to move the mass around, show you the coverage out toward san francisco and oakland just outside of our station area. you can see light rain pushing back into the region. this has been a development over the past half hour to 45 minutes. up to the north bay here you can't pick out some of the coverage as well targeting parts of sonoma county. nothing too major but i do expect the rainfall to pick up as we head into overnight hours. this is radar showing you where it is snowing just to the east of cloverdale. we'll move the maps and show you the flurries off mount hamilton. i will let you know where the dry part of the weekend forecast will be. rainwater and run off fill
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reservoirs to capacity. the is santa clara water reservoirs will begin releasing water. people who live around the reservoir say they are surprised how quickly the water rose. >> in the last few storms we had it really rose quickly and it's full. it's going over the spill ways now. >> reporter: the spill ways are designed more much more water. but they notified people downstream just in case. you can click on our weather tab, there you will find live radar 24/seven. in washington there's frustration and optimism about getting a deal done in time. congressional leaders including john boehner and nancy pelosi met with president obama today. the president called on top senators to craft a deal and get it past this weekend for presentation to the house. >> i still want to get this
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done. it's the right thing to do for our families, for our businesses and the entire economy. but the hour for immediate action is here. it is now. >> so we'll be working hard to see if we with get there in the next 24 hours so i'm hopeful and optimistic. senator mitch mcconnel called the meeting with president obama good. taxes go up for all americans and traásic cuts will hit -- and drastic cuts will hit the national budget. the dow fell 158 points, and the nasdaq fell 25 points. >> they may you know want to do something illegal just to put food on the table. >> coming up in 18 minutes finally strapped the hundreds of thousands of people set to feel the impact of the financial cliff starting tomorrow.
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a sixth suspect has now been charged in connection with a beating and homicide in san francisco where the victims were bound and gagged. ktvu's david stevenson was in court today and tells us for the first time the district attorney talked about a possible motive. >> cameras were not allowed in this san francisco courtroom as prosecutorred announced a sixth suspect in a brutal beating and homicide in which two victims were left beaten and gagged. katherine uong described as a felon nicknamed killer is the first to be charged with the killing. an 18-year-old woman was found with reed also severely beaten she is now recovering. george gascon today signaled a motive. >> it appears there may be some relationship to the fraudulent use of credit cards. >> reporter: gascon says investigators found blank credit cards, label makers and
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a list of numbers and security codes in this house. it's the same house police say the suspects went to to remove bloody carpet from an suv. a supporters of one of the suspects told the district attorney, i hope you die, i don't like you. >> we're dealing with people that are not hesitant to kill someone. >> reporter: katherine uong's family refused to talk to us today. >> seems like everybody has known each other for a long time. i don't have any other information. >> reporter: it appears investigators are looking for fingerprints to tie them to the
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credit card fraud. david stevenson, ktvu. around 2:30 this morning police responded to a stabbing on walnut creek. a neighbor heard an argument before that stabbing. >> it's sad, it's real sad. any loss of life is bad but to take a lady's life. you know that's ugly, that's real ugly. >> reporter: police detained a man with cuts on his hand that was taken to the hospital. there have been 130 homicides this year the highest rate in five years. last night we told you about how oakland is bringing bill bratton to turn around the city's crime rate. today george gascon who used to work with bratton in los angeles says that the lawmakers success will depend on cooperation. >> he brings a tremendous amount of expertise to the table. the question is going to be
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whether the authorities in oakland are going to allow him to do his work. >> reporter: bill bratton is credited with cutting crime in new york as well as los angeles. oakland police sheriff jordan says he welcomed bratton's insight. a man accused of pistol whipping a woman is still in the hospital. officers witnessed a man beating a woman behind a chevron gas station. two officers shot at the man, police say the suspect and victim knew each other. the woman was taken to the hospital and released. you've heard about the fiscal cliff but what about the dairy cliff. how washington gridlock could drive up the price of milk. >> protecting you from drunk drivers. >> but we need to do more to save lives. >> the device one lawmakers wants to use to stop repeat offenders and why critics say it is impractical. >> and chief meteorologist bill
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martin will be back with your weekend and holiday forecast.
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federal tax cuts aren't all that's expiring on january 1st so is the farm bill. that means that milk prices could double. debora villalon is live to explain. >> reporter: this sunday sets you back $6, $12 probably too
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rich. this family with a sweet tooth is sour on the idea of higher milk prices. >> we go to about 2-gallons of milk a week. >> reporter: but if lawmakers don't extend the tax bill it reverts to 1949 law when the government not the market controlled prices and the dairy industry wasn't nearly as efficient as today. under those antiquated formulas a gallon of milk now under $4 most places could rise to $6 even $8 retail. >> you think about the fiscal cliff and they talk about, okay we're going to get a deal done and it might not be perfect. but you definitely don't expect the price of milk to double. >> the risk of this happening is quite slim. >> reporter: experts down play the dairy cliff. >> dairy producers would love to get twice as much for their milk but it ain't going to happen for a few months. >> reporter: because they say the agriculture department would stall it until congress finally acts. >> we're definitely concerned and we keep our eyes on the
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market. >> but for businesses like benton's dependent on dairy, even the thought of a price hike sends shivers. >> are these going to escalate as well? i'm sure. >> reporter: ice crime lovers joked, that gave them a good reason to eat more now. 1849 quotas will kick in for spring crops but milk is the most pressing issue because it's year round. debora villalon. an update that we first brought you last night about a shooting in the parking lot of the bay point b.a.r.t. station. the victim an 18-year-old richmond man was driving a
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white toyota camry when he was shot just before 7:00 last night. the suspect's vehicle is described as a black nissan maxima with tinted windows. anyone with information about that shooting is asked to contact authorities. we now know the name of the driver who struck and killed a woman as he was fleeing from officers. st.dwan moore is now behind bars. the highway patrol tried to pull him over on 90th avenue and mcarthur boulevard at 11:30 last night. moore took off and broadsided a lincoln town car killing a passenger in the lincoln. three other people in the car were seriously injured. after the crash, moore and a passenger ran off. officers caught moore the passenger got away. a bay area lawmakers introduced new legislation today to crack down on repeat drunk drivers. by putting a locking device inside their car. ktvu's patti lee caught up with
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some that are saying the technology is missing the mark. >> reporter: we sat in on a mandatory treatment session for men arrested while driving under the influence. some are repeat offenders. >> today i introduce senate bill 55. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill introduced a bill that would require drivers convicted of a second dui offense to install an ignition interlock device or iid on their car for one year. the iid would prevent the car from starting. if there's alcohol on the drive's breath. >> we tried increasing fines, we've tried to revoke licenses to deter those chronic offenders but we need to do more to save lives. >> reporter: according to the most recent chp statistics drunk driving killed 1,200 californians in 2009, for those arrested of driving under the influence near 20% are second offenders. >> a lot of time these poor
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judgment calls result in very tragic events. >> reporter: paul chang oversees the treatment of thousands of people arrested while driving drunk. he says the bill is well intentioned but practical. >> the pure fact that these are considered multiple offenders means that they're habitual lawmakers. support the use of deterrents like iids. most of the men understood go dui say deterrents are hit or miss and that the key of stopping them may be to address why they chose to do so in the first place. in east palo alto, patti lee, ktvu news. the first sunday of the new year marks a new era in san francisco. no more free parking. all meters in the city will be enforced from noon until 6:00 p.m. the city explains that paid parking is necessary because commercial districts are now just as busy on sundays as they are on saturdays. meters in tourists areas such as fisherman's wharf already charge seven days a week from
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7:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. the best skiing in a long time means big business in the sierra. the lines are out the door at this ski shop in truckee and the owners hired extra help to help out hundreds of people. skiers are coming not only from san diego but the -- seattle. >> i would think we're going to have a big year. >> reporter: even with the clouds, the slopes will stay fresh. forecasters predict eight to 9- inches of snow this weekend. more snow in the sierra, more rain here in the bay area for tonight. in fact, a little more activity on live storm tracker 2, you can see the latest imagine in the last hour. you will notice those yellows indicating heavier rain. reports out of half-moon bay of
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heavier downpours right around the davenport area. light showers over san francisco also extending out toward oakland. some activity not all that's reaching the ground but up in the santa rosa reporting light rain. in addition to the rainfall we're tracking snow with dropping snow levels down about 2,500 feet in the bay area hills especially up in the north bay. here's our rainfall model. well take this into the overnight hours. the rainfall will be on the increase. this will be changing into the afternoon. coming up we'll take a look at the rest of the saturday afternoon forecast. and also a sneak peak at new year's eve. >> thank you, mark. highway 1 big sur reopened this afternoon after they shut it down for repairs. transportation officials are urging drivers to use caution while driving through the area
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because of rough pavement and lose gravel. a bay area activists lies suddenly. the legacy she leaves behind. plus a cyber attack in the palm of your hands. the new list of cyber threats for 2013 and how they're expected to target your mobile devices. >> a move today in toyota's billion dollars plus settlement. what has to happen next before the auto maker has to pay up.
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you likely heard a lot about the fiscal cliff in recent days. today tom vacar has a look at those who have a drastic change due tomorrow. >> reporter: though alia thomas searching diligently at the one stop employment center he's been out of work for two years picking up any odd jobs that she can. >> it's been depressing, i'm not going to lie. it's been very discouraging
10:24 pm
i've been coming here three times a week. and maybe go to a friend's house and use their internet to look for work. >> reporter: long term unemployment benefits have been a godsend. >> i can breathe a little while i'm looking for work. even though it's not the same amount i was getting when i was working. >> reporter: but thomas may lose all of her benefits tomorrow. >> not being able to buy groceries, not able to pay my bills. if i can't find a job, what am i supposed to do. a lot of family and friends. giving me money, lending me money and looking for work. not being able to be hired has been really depressing. >> she works that some of those cut off may not be able to cope. >> they may want to do something illegal to put food on the table. the real people that are here
10:25 pm
looking for work. we have sleepless nights and they need to put themselves in our shoes. >> reporter: if congress cannot put their act together the financial cliff for 1.2 million americans 400,000 here in california may be a financial guillotine, tom vacar, ktvu news. as tom mentioned 1.2 million americans would lose their long term unemployment benefits a deal could not be reached. a big portion of that population lives in california where 400,000 people would be affected. in the bay area we found there are more than 22,000 people in alameda and contra costa county that would lose their benefits. the comptrollers office advice that employers use 2010 rates. social security would take an extra 2%.
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if the cliff is avoided, workers will be reimbursed. a new alert system for missing seniors is set to take effect in california january 1st. it's called the silver alert program. the system is similar to the amber alert program for missing children. but it's intended for seniors who suffer from dementia. they will issue emergency reports to median and laboring law enforcement agencies. friends in the bay area are remembering a key figure in the environment movement who died suddenly. amber lee is live in san francisco with more on the environmental leader from the bay area and the landmark changes she pioneered. amber. >> reporter: the rain forest action network is pioneered here in san francisco. sitting around the dinner table enjoying a meal with friends
10:27 pm
was among rebecca's favorite past times tonight her friends are finding comfort in a meal she would often make for her. >> she was a savvy and spectacular woman. >> reporter: an impressive feat in a movement often dominated by men. >> incredible in her talents and negotiating with big banks and the next day being out with protesters. >> reporter: fun loving as seen in costume in the far right with friends. >> i really admire her and i am really going to miss her. >> now it's become an inconvenient reality some days i have to say it leads me to a bit of an inconvenient panic. >> reporter: this is video of her, she helped landmark an agreement with disney.
10:28 pm
changing the way that disney buys and distributes paper. >> she was pushing the envelope on how we could live on the plant. >> reporter: she tide suddenly on a beach in mexico while vacationing with her husband. the coroner says she breathe in too much water and suffocated. finds find sol his in remembering her legacy. >> we will continue that legacy. >> reporter: reporting live in san francisco, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. the new cyber threats for 2013. how hackers plan on ringing in the new year on your smart phone. >> u.s. families are left in limbo following a law signed in russia banning americans from adopting there. hear from a bay area woman who says she isn't giving up hope.
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the new year also means new cyber threats and now tech security specialists predict hackers could be picking your pockets. new at 10:00, matt keller tells us what to beware of in 2013. >> reporter: this is the new hacking list and for the new year, experts say you need to be careful of your mobile phones. >> we have so excited about making them easy to connect to each other and easy to get on the web and easy to do all other stuff but we also made them easy to attack and easy to
10:32 pm
take over and easy to bot, turn into zombies. >> reporter: many focus on your mobile phone. researchers forsee hackers installing trojan horse. and those could allow hackers available to worm allowing them into your money. many of the security problems you face on your desktop or laptop are going mobile like ransome ware, malware that could take over your phone without you knowing them. >> hey i found this product i think you should send it to your mom. and mom didn't even know she sent the message. >> yeah yeah i'm very
10:33 pm
concerned. i don't want to receive messages from people i don't know. >> reporter: mcafee sees a decline of online hactivus anonymous being replaced by more committed groups. matt keller, ktvu news. for the complete list of the 2013 threat predictions you can go to and click on web links. amazon says it had a christmas to remember. officials for the online retailers says the company's holiday sales were the biggest ever. amazon said they had several record setting days including cyber monday when customers received 26-1/2 million products. instagram lost a quarter of their daily active losers. facebook fought san francisco's instagram last spring. but others say the drop may be due to the christmas holiday
10:34 pm
instead. app data reports skype, pandora or pinterest saw similar dips in users. toyota will tentatively pay more than $1 billion to plaintiffs who's cars lost resale value when the news came out the cars could accelerate without warning. the settlement does not include compensation for death or injury. the first trial on those claims takes place in february. a berkeley fire chief who broke gender and racial barriers retired today. chief debra pryor retired today. this is video from earlier this month when she received a standing ovation at the city council meeting when she announced her retirement after 26-1/2 years with the department. we have information about a body found in a pond in santa
10:35 pm
rosa. stephanie triliegi's body was found floating in a landscape pond at a condominium complex. it could take weeks for a toxicology test to be completed. today two southern california gang members were charged with murder for the death of a 25-year-old boy and his cousin. their suv crashed into the van the victims were in. 11-year-old kendrick eng and his 25-year-old cousin were killed. the arrangement for the two suspects was rescheduled. they each face up to life in prison. pg & e is warning people to beware of people posing as employers of the company. he's asking for a gift card in the amount of an alleged past due bill. san francisco police have also
10:36 pm
received reports of the scam. today came the official announce that some american couples had been dreading. russians president banned americans from adopting there. ann rubin is not giving up plans to make a russian girl her daughter. >> reporter: there's for that adoptions already in the works are in jeopardy. this woman ask that we not identify her. >> i love my daughter very much, i miss her. i want to be reunited with her. and i want to bring her home. >> reporter: there's a 3-year- old in a russian orphanage who already called her mom. she's mid-way through an adoption process, mid-way through a class that brought her here today. >> we agreed first thing this morning. let's keep going. because if she doesn't finish the training she can't go to russia. >> it may not matter. a new law today signed by
10:37 pm
vladimir putin bans all adoptions by american families. there appears to be no exceptions for families already adopting but some are holding out hope. >> she's trying to be very optimistic, she's saying no i'm sure it's going to happen. and i'm sitting here thinking, oh my gosh, i'm sure this might not happen. >> reporter: agencies across the country like adopt international and domestic services are trying to figure out how to proceed. there's an online petition and they're contacting families trying to start a letter writing campaign. they say something needs to be done. >> then what happens to the kids that were told i'm your mommy i'm coming to get you? then they don't come. >> reporter: the agency has two other families going through the process who's class was scheduled in february. for now that class has not been cancelled. in san francisco, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on u.s. reaction. the state department announced
10:38 pm
that they deeply regret the announcement. crisis averted for now. a potentially crippling port strike is put on hold. what the two sides agree to today and how long it will last. i'm still tracking some rain across parts of the bay area. coming up where the heaviest rain is falling right now. also shower chances for your saturday. and a wide array of champane is a sure sign that new year's is here. how san francisco is getting ready.
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the u.s. senate approved $16 million in aid to victims of hurricane sandy. republicans said the bill included too much money for unrelated aid projects and tried to institute a measure with half the funding. the bill now moves to the house of representatives who reconvenes on sunday. there's no word if the bill will be considered before the current house session ends. for the second time a man has been killed in new york after someone pushed him in front of an oncoming train. it happened late last night in a station in queens. now police are looking for a woman who witnesses say was sitting on a bench before shoving the 46-year-old man on to a track. witnesses say the two had no contract prior to the incident. in singapore, an indian
10:42 pm
woman died today two days after she was gang raped and beaten in new dell delhi. the 23-year-old victim was taken to singapore for medical treatment but despite their best efforts they could not save her. in the philippines the death toll rose to 11 after a typhoon that hit the area last week. the storm destroyed rice farms. in china internet users are facing stricter controls on how they surf the web. a new law now requires people to register their names and service providers before going online. that means web users will have to use their names when posting rather than leaving anonymous remarks. some say that could be a chilling effect on political comment. chinese authorities say the law
10:43 pm
will help protect personal information. a labor strike some say could cripple -- a walk out scheduled for sunday may have be averted. they're cautiously optimistic an agreement could be reached in the next month. >> getting ready for the party. >> and a trip down memory lane. nummi is celebrating and how riders took advantage of the celebration.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
new year's eve is just around the corner and san francisco is getting ready for
10:46 pm
the bay area's big party. john sasaki shows us some of your options if you haven't finalized your plans. >> reporter: san francisco knows how to celebrate. hundreds of thousands of people always come for the free new year's eve fireworks. americana restaurant has a $150 per person party planned most of it in this see through tent. >> fireworks are directly out in front and it's just a great place to be. >> reporter: at near by boulevard restaurant diners can enjoy a prefixed meal and be given a late night surprise. >> everybody is up for it especially all the young cooks. >> reporter: if you want to celebrate more economically, plenty of less expensive spots like lefty o' doules require no
10:47 pm
reservation. >> it usually starts early and we have to ask people to leave. there's never a cover, it will be packed. >> reporter: many stores are geared up to sell cases and cases of champane. >> it's the middle of downtown. all the hotels are busy. everybody is having a party somehow. so, we're getting ready. we're excited. >> reporter: of course driving home is always an issue on this night. and the chp says be prepared. >> have a plan before you get to the party. designated driver, public transportation. >> reporter: hotel betali still has party spaces available as do many other hotels and restaurants, i'm john sasaki. san francisco's free fireworks display takes place monday at midnight. as many as 250,000 people are expected to line the
10:48 pm
embracadero. police say they do plan to enforce prohibitions on drinking alcohol in public. additional train. >> cole: go in and out of san francisco new year's eve through the morning of new year's day. the extra service will look to alleviate crowds where large crowds of people are expected to watch the fireworks show downtown. a little cloudy and cold for most of the day. you can see what's happening behind me. the rain showers have been picking up in parts of the bay area. heavy in some spots. you can pick up our coverage with the live doppler sweeps. all that rainfall may not be reaching the ground just yet. but you can count on that. rainfall rates happen on the increase especially for these yellows out toward davenport. half-moon bay out toward pacifica as well. san francisco some light shower activity extending out toward
10:49 pm
parts of the east bay. oakland reports of light rainfall and up in the north bay here you can't pick out some of the coverage. santa rosa the most recent observationing reporting rain in the airport and more activity as you can see close tore the sonoma and glen area. not only rainfall but snowfall. those pink and light shades do link up with snow. snow levels down dropping to 2,500 feet. we could have a bit of a dusting in the bay area hills as we head into early saturday morning. as far as overnight lows, temperatures will be in the mid- 30s to the mid-40s. scattered showers out there. the bulk of the action happening between now and sun vise first thing saturday morning. santa rosa 35, san jose 40 degrees. just be extra careful if you're heading to the coast. a high surf advisory now in place until 10:00 saturday. saturday evening west northwest will continue to be on the increase and waving could be approaching 15 feet. here's the weather system we've
10:50 pm
been tracking, showers for tonight. could be heavy at times right near the immediate coastline. the path will be drifting basically parallel to the shorelines it's not going to be a direct hit but close enough to produce the showers and low snow levels for tonight into saturday morning. most of your weekend should be dry with a sun/cloud mix. lake tahoe forecast is this. snow for saturday, maybe up to two to 4-inches. sunday partly cloudy skies and looking pretty good on monday. but look at the overnight low first thing monday morning 2 degrees. here's our forecast models showing you rainfall tonight. the coverage begins to back off right around 6:00. a few scattered showers out there. and still a slight chance into the afternoon hours on saturday. the bulk of the activity does head out to the south and the cloud cover should be on the decrease as well. we are tracking a few possible sprinkles as we do head into monday as the system approaches the region for that time frame.
10:51 pm
temperatures for tomorrow in the upper 40s to lower 50s. here is a look ahead, your five day forecast. it'll be dry for a good portion of your weekend after a chance of weak showers on sunday morning. the forecast models have been backing up on shower chances still a chance we'll be watching out for that on monday night into tuesday. >> so we should see the fireworks. >> we should be okay yeah. munni turned 100 years old today and as part of the centennial celebration service is free. go munni. a lot has changed since munni's first days of service. officials had initially considered charging a 5-cent charge. but instead they decided to let the customers ride free. >> i've just ridden it one time today but it was free so it was great. we went the wrong direction but i guess it doesn't matter
10:52 pm
today. >> any where the is fine if it's free. munni will also officer free rides on new year's eve. good news in the world of boxing. an exclusive on who robert guerrero might be fighting next year. hey, look! a shooting star!
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fans from across the country are expected at at&t park tomorrow. navy and asu will gear up for the kraft feed hunger bowl. as of today 33,000 tickets have been sold which means it's close to 100,000 meals donated. all right, good for them. >> frank is here to tell us the warriors really like playing those east coast teams. >> for a lot of years we've thought there are better teams in the east conference than the west conference. not only is offense important in basketball but this thing,
10:56 pm
defense can win games too. warriors e 12-two now against eastern conference teams. they hosted philadelphia now. they outscored philly. curry just scores 11 tonight but the warriors led by 15 at that time. sixers try to come back and thadius young watc golden state gets another big game. he also grabs 12 rebounds. warriors hold sixers. while cal landry come up to score. landry sealing the deal. they host boston tomorrow night. guerrero has been chomping at the heels of mayweather.
10:57 pm
last month guerrero won the wbc welter weight title over andre berto. ghost is now 31-1. the 35-year-old floyd mayweather hasn't fought since last may. the networks are already working on a deal for early may in vegas. that means the ghost is in line for his first multi million dollars payday. we now have a reason to watch sunday's raiders and chargers game. terrell pryor will start as quarterback. he has only be active in the last three games. he's one for two in passing. the head coach dennis alan first said that matt linert had the inside track for starting now pryor is more mobile. now it's time to see what the kid can do. >> i'm ready. i had a good decent week of reps and i think i showcased during practice with good help
10:58 pm
from the coaching staff and especially carson and matt. when i was in there. i'm not trying to do everything myself. just taking what the defense gives me and be a leader and can confidence and just lead. tonight in houston, texas tech played minnesota in the mineke bowl. we got ourselves a convoy. a 99-yard touchdown for the raiders. texas tech kicks the game winning field goal as time expires to win the mineke bowl. 49ers host cardinals sunday right here. >> thanks frank. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you next time news break. >> the ktvu morning team will be in on storm watch as showers move in overnight. they're here tomorrow morning starting at 7:00 and we're always here for you on
10:59 pm
and mobile ktvu. have a great night.


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